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Riot Rattle, a GHOST Tackle Company product

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The product of Riot Rattle is generally described as The rattle, one of the most universal components in the industry, this design is simple yet effective, placing a bead on each end of the rattle allows it to spin freely directly on fishing line, or wire. This was our first design more to test the effects of adding sound to a presentation that normally don’t have a sound aspect to it, well it was effective for walleye, bass, steelhead, northern pike, lake trout and even musky. These are all species of fish that were targeted and tested using this rattle design. We put it on buck-tails, crawler harnesses, spinnerbaits and even in the hooks of crank baits. Dirty or stained water to crystal clear it didn’t matter. Currently in patent pending status as we added alittle extra science to this in-line rattle system.


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